Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving. May you remember God's abundant blessings in your life: for me, family, friends, enjoyable work, a sense of wonder in approaching the natural world all about, heritage that goes back through generations, health, relative financial prosperity, a fine wife and delightful progeny, and a predilection for dumb jokes (among many other blessings).

In celebration of the holiday -- links to some sites that I've found to be helpful. These articles remind us that Thanksgiving is not a gluttonous speed bump between Thanksgiving and Christmas -- it is not to be some baccanalian start to the Christmas shopping season. Rather it is a holiday season in its own right, and we ought to pause and remember:

Excerpts from William Bradford's On Plymouth Plantation

Chuck Colson's commentary on Squanto

Christian History Magazine on The American Puritans

Soli Deo gloria