Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Feedback Please

The time has come to check in with Ye ever faithful readers of the Eagle and Child -- I'm wondering which posts have been most useful or most interesting to you. Bloggers from time to time host carnivals -- events when bloggers submit their best posts to a "host blog" who will then have a compendium (a carnival, if you will) of all the different bloggers. Readers can go and find new blogs that are of interest. That said -- what posts would you submit?

Secondly, I have a friend, Jonathan Phillips (also a friend of Scott Atkinson's) who is interested in doing a "God-cast" (from podcasting, basically an audio blog) -- he wants to discuss spiritual themes with me -- just kind of letting me explain where traditional Christianity is coming from. He's envisioning a series of quick 4-5 minute audio clips. Sooo, the question is -- what topics would you cover (remember, this has to be interesting)- what would you listen to.

Finally -- check out the new Squidoo index on my links list -- it indexes all my Squidoo lenses -- please go visit these lenses and give feedback on if they're actually helpful or not.

More to come later today -- I'm processing Jim Collins' monograph on Good to Great for the social service sector -- have some thoughts I need to get down.

Soli Deo Gloria