Thursday, January 05, 2006

Weblog Awards -- Christians, get active in the web sphere

OK this is your chance -- do this and act now!

Nominations for the 2006 Bloggie Weblog awards are being accepted -- this is an opportunity for Christians to say "We care about quality content on the web too"

Go to the site and look at the categories for the awards and then nominate some of your favorite blogs. Please don't take this as a shameless act of begging for a nomination -- I really don't think that my stuff is published nearly often enough nor do I edit and design well enough to truly qualify:

But there are great Christian blogs that do:
Check out JollyBlogger
or the Evangelical Outpost
or Tall Skinny Kiwi
or A Practice in Belief
or Blogs 4 God

These are some of the blogs that are on my "must read" list -- I subscribe via Bloglines and read the updated feeds all together in one place.

Now this is in keeping with my earlier post about Web 2.0 -- encouraging Christians to engage the culture in a friendly way by standing up and say "Hi there, we're here and we're not demons trying to bite your heads off". In some ways, each of us needs to be an apologist to the culture -- for they think we're narrow minded bigots, rather than people of conviction who long to live lives of faithfulness. So let's show them some of our best stuff, and see where the chips fall!

Also, this is a great opportunity to share your favorite blogs with your friends. I just shared five of my favorites with you. Why not pick 5 of your favorite people and email them to tell them about 5 of your favorite blogs (and this is where I hope the Eagle and Child might make the cut :) ). Let's spread the word about good stuff that is going on out there in the Christian blogosphere.

Soli Deo Gloria