Friday, March 31, 2006

Friday Fun Stuff

So, time for a new feature for the Eagle and Child. Fridays are typically my "at home" days. On Fridays, I spend less time thinking about ministry, and more on fun stuff -- so I'll share a few fun things for your edification and enjoyment:

The Greatest Show on Earth -- the 1952 academy award winning Cecil B. DeMille classic that made Charlton Heston a star. The story is clumsy, the acting overdone, and the special effects leave a lot to be desired, but somehow it all comes together to make a nice film. It's worth it to see Jimmy Stewart in the role of Buttons the clown.

Introduction to the history and culture of Ancient Egypt -- found this website as I was doing research on the History of Ancient Egypt in conjunction with the Learning Company course that Tammy and I are viewing (see yesterday's post). It's chock full of information, including transcriptions of the steles and heiroglyphs from many different eras. Some great stuff on Thutmosis III's decisive conquest at the battle of Megiddo (and we all remember that so well!)

Deal or No Deal -- I thought this would be one of the stupidist shows out there -- and it's not exactly great for creating new synaptic connections in your skull -- but it is surprisingly addictive. Howie Mandel is pretty charming in his own boyish uber-cool way. And it's given me a whole new way of interacting with my children ("Sarah Grace, eat your vegetables or you'll go to bed immediately with no dessert, Deal or No Deal?")