Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Great Stories From Egypt

One of the blogs I've been following is that of a Young Adult Volunteer in Egypt named Teri. This week, Teri has been sharing some teriffic stories about life in Egypt(you'll have to scroll down to the May 1 entry -- I don't think that the permalink for her individual posts is activated) .

First she talks tells of her family's tour through the great sites of Egypt, but she quickly shifts from travelouge to the far more interesting story of the Coptic Christians who have been relegated to Garbage City, a slum on the outskirts of Cairo. These Christians make their living sorting through the refuse of Egyptian society, recycling what they can. For more information on this neglected subculture, see this article.

Then in contrast, she tells of the cave churches in this neighborhood that have been established by the Coptic church. Teri vigorously writes of vivid contrast of the squalor in which the people live with the cleanliness in which they worship -- it is easily one of the best written stories I've read on the internet. See here for further information on and photos of Cave Churches.

Teri's well written post calls my attention to wider concerns: the global face of Christianity which contrasts with our relative comfortable secularism in America (see my previous post on a great book about African Christianity), the odd breed of tolerance that Islam extends toward Christians (see World Magazine's great article on this theme), and the call to find a way to effectively help the global poor (see Michael Kruse's post on an organization he supports that is getting the job done).

Thanks Teri for a compelling read!

Soli Deo Gloria