Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Of Pilgrims and Plymouth Plantation

This year, I'm trying to immerse myself a little more in the roots of Thanksgiving (if Christmas can have a 2 month season, why can't Thanksgiving get a little more early press?). Therefore, I ordered a copy of Of Plymouth Plantation -- it's a very nice hardcover reprint of the 1909 translation to contemporary english. What could be better than the first hand history of a man who was actually there? That should tide my reading over for the next month or so.

However, I also saw this interesting article in Smithsonian magazine online. It's a pretty balanced article -- not a hagiography by any stretch. You might also be interested in Chuck Colson's article on Squanto, the Native American who befriended the Pilgrims. Or perhaps these articles from Christian History about the American Puritans.

Soli Deo Gloria