Thursday, April 05, 2007

Invitation to join me in microlending

You've read my many posts on microlending -- this evening, I went back out and reinvested my money from the loan paid back by Kilama George. Now I'm asking for your help. I participated in lending to this young shoe merchant in Ukraine. He has a proven track record; he runs a profit every month, and now he's looking to possibly expand his business, which means opening another kiosk (and possibly hiring another employee). As of this writing, he still need $225 -- you can lend as little as $25 through Kiva and become one of the dozens of backers for this young man. I'd love it if Eagle and Child readers could make up the gap.

Click on the picture below to get more information. If the picture does not display Maxim Chyornyi, then his loan has been fully repaid and you can assist someone else. Thanks for your help.

UPDATE -- you really came through -- I checked this morning and four more people had contributed to help complete Maxim's loan. At least one was from Cincinnati (though they hadn't completed a profile, so I don't know who it is). Thanks for being a part of the blessing for this enterprising man.