Friday, June 15, 2007

I get by with a little help from my friends...

The Eagle and Child has been blessed by friends in the blogosphere of late:

Just today, Stushie (from Heaven's Highway -- one of our Presbyterian Blogging pals) listed the Eagle and Child first out the door he took his friday blogochuting jump -- check out his past lists for blogochuting here -- but only if you have some time to share -- Stushie makes some great picks to great sites).

Last week, we had an Eagle and Child first. Liz Bowater (who posts WAY too infrequently) dropped by the house with a present. It seems that several years ago, she had been touring about in England -- Oxford in particular. Thus, she visited what has become the Mecca for CS Lewis fans: the Eagle and Child pub (known affectionately as "the Bird and Baby"). She was feeling a little touristy and .... yes.... she bought the t-shirt.

Said t-shirt languished unused in her drawer for years until she had an epiphany of sorts -- "Russ -- his weblog is named The Eagle and Child." And thus we have the official presentation memorialized here:

Thanks Stushie and Liz. You are kinder than I deserve.

Soli Deo Gloria