Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bits and Pieces -- articles worth a look for July 26, 2007

First up -- Rod Dreher links us to a great article for parents. The article is titled "Raising Children Who Believe", and while it is written from an Eastern Orthodox perspective, there are lots of great points for our consideration:
As parents, we need to make a vice-grip-firm commitment that above job, above our social life, above all the things that vie for our time, we will prioritize our families.....

I'm naive, but not naive enough to believe that. There may be bumps yet to come in our lives. But as we confess at our weddings, "The prayers of parents establish the foundations of houses." These years are not kickback time, but they are a time of thanksgiving.
Next comes this posting at Phil Cooke's weblog -- a video that explains Fair Use copyright law. However it does so in such a way as to practice the fair use law. Helpful for all pastors who regularly cite films, books, and other material in their work. (And pretty doggone funny for everyone else)

Here's a post on the idea that american individuality has culminated in each person being their own personal brand -- a concept pioneered by Tom Peters in his A Brand Called You concept. I'm going to have to ponder this idea -- is it making people the ultimate commodity, or is it recognizing the unique God-giftedness of each person.....I'll be interested in your thoughts:

Individualism today means so much more than having a micro brand. For most it's about using the web to flatten the playing field so they have the freedom to chase passions and live their lives, their way. Sometimes this comes even as one continues to work inside a ginormous company. Hence the rise of corporate blogging, The Four Hour Work Week, Web Workers, 20% time and a workplace that need not have a place.

Individualism is as old as American ideals, though it's certainly not a global phenomenon. However with the Net Gen taking over the work force, the value of personal brands will continue rise and perhaps be a prickly force to be reckoned with. This means big changes in the workplace and a critical importance for everyone to be team players even as their stars rise online. It also means that personal brands will become unofficial spoksepeople at times (perhaps involuntarily).

Thats all for today.