Tuesday, April 01, 2008

TechSoup -- a website for eligible nonprofits to get discount stuff

I was having lunch with our webmaster Andy Adams today...we were talking a host of technology issues, including the upcoming installation of new computer equipment in our church offices. He told me he was waiting for our ordered versions of Microsoft Office to arrive. "Yeah it was pretty amazing ...I got it down in price from $500 to $150 to $20"

This caught my attention. $20 for something from the Redmond Mafia? Could it be true? And it was. Andy had done some digging and found TechSoup.org, a website dedicated to helping nonprofits adopt and use the latest technology for the lowest cost. They arrange for big fish like Microsoft and Adobe and Intuit to share their software with nonprofits. TechSoup does all the vetting to make sure that only legitimate nonprofits make the grade, and they charge a minimal administrative fee (in the case of Office, $20) for providing the software. So we go from spending $500 per copy to $20. (I never did ask Andy what the $150 step was).

So all you nonprofits and churches out there....pay a visit to TechSoup to see if your technology needs can be met cheaply. They also have lots of instructional information about choosing and using technology solutions. Well worth the visit.