Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Another basket of goodies for you

We have Vacation Bible School at church all this week, so it's a bit difficult for me to keep up with the deep thinking and analysis for now. So, here's a few goodies that I've come across the past few days.

* Buy Blue In my Plea for Sanity post, I encouraged us to put our values into action in an economic way -- here's a site that's encouraging the same thing, but from a leftist political persuasion. Worth looking at to see what's happening in the broader world....

* Another feature of that same post was dismay at the saturation of media violence in music, video games, and nihilistic film. See this News Story about the proliferation of Fight Clubs.

* For yet another upper to your day, Michael Kruse has a nice post exploring the themes of The Fourth Turning (which I reviewed in a series of posts here) -- note the comparison of todays world events to those in the 1930's.

* And finally, two stories, one from USA today and one from the Cincnnati Enquirer about "alternative summer camps" for non-christians -- atheist camps, wicca camps. My my how the times they are a changin.

Soli Deo Gloria