Thursday, August 31, 2006

Facing our frailty

John Jensen commented on my Krakatoan output (I'm mainly impressed that anyone could use the word krakatoan in a sentence -- a vocab prize goes to John). But for today, just a short post.

The ailments of children are these -- they get sick all the time. A week and a half ago, Sarah Grace had a throat infection. She then passed it along to Annalise. Yesterday, I woke up and it hurt to swallow and I felt like my body was weighted down with lead -- couldn't sleep last night because my throat hurt so.

Yes, I've succumbed to parenthood -- the little infections of our children get passed on to us in spades. So I took today off and stayed in bed most of the day, drinking green tea (flavored with orange juice). I'm feeling a lot better as of 5:15 -- but I still won't be putting up a major post today. After all -- all men are like grass....

Soli Deo Gloria