Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Links for Edification

* Just put up (finally) my review of Crunchy Cons at Writer's Read. Those of you who followed the blogging series can read my "official" review of the book (thanks to all those who commented -- all your thoughts were helpful).

* Walter Kaiser gives us a great article on the 15 most important archaeological finds for Biblical Studies -- a great collection of testimonies regarding the reliability of God's Word. (hat tip to Adrian Warnock for this tidbit).

* Going to Chicago -- a while back, in celebration of my fifth anniversary as pastor, Covenant-First Pres gave us a travel voucher -- we're finally cashing it in (in celebration of our 10th wedding anniversary) to go to Chicago. While there, we'll take in the King Tut exhibit at the Field museum and the new Boublil/Schonberg musical "The Pirate Queen". More to come on that trip later!

Soli Deo Gloria