Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Amazing Grace -- a film for today

Apparently this week is Amazing Grace week, a promotion for the upcoming film about William Wilberforce, the British Politician who exercised his faith by working to end the British Slave Trade. The pre-film hype has this as an inspiring story of personal transformation and a man who fought the odds to change the world.

However, the filmmakers also want us to be aware of the existence of slavery today -- I've become aware of this kind of slavery, and have blogged on it earlier in Related Eagle and Child Posts: Fighting the Evil of Modern Day Slavery and From the Presbyterian Global Fellowship -- Conviction about Justice.

However the filmmakers want to invite us to be involved. Visit their site Amazing Change to learn about how to be involved in combatting modern day slavery. You also might check out the Salvation Army's page on Sexual Trafficking -- they have a whole resource on things you can do to help (and it's more than give money and write petitions). I have to hand it to the Salvation Army -- they're a church (and yes, they are a church -- not just a charitable organization) who have been involved in this struggle for a long time. I also strongly recommend the Polaris Project and International Justice Mission as other great resources for involvement.

So, hopefully the film will raise awareness -- I sure hope it's a well made film (the previews on the website look good). I'll keep you posted after I get the chance to see it.

Soli Deo Gloria