Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Tomb of Jesus found -- in Kashmir...or was that Japan?

Apparently nobody told James Cameron that the tomb of Jesus had allready been found in Kashmir. From the website:

This website presents and offers evidence that Jesus Christ is dead and buried in a tomb in Srinagar, Kashmir, India, and will not be returning to earth. The website examines a range of topics from the Shroud of Turin to the Israelite origin of the people of Asia. It aims to brings together research and material related to this theory from a variety of sources.

There have been many books on the subject now and the number of researchers in this field is growing continually. Since the turn of the millenium docuemantaries on the subject have even appeared detailing the tomb and its story.

Much of the material from the website is also available in printed form as the book "Saving the Savior: Did Jesus Survive the Crucifixion?" - available here.

It is important to realize, at the outset, that this subject is not the invention of the "New Age" movement. This site is devoted to presenting the hypothesis that Jesus Christ physically survived the crucifixion as an "ordinary" human being, then travelled eastwards to join Jewish tribes that had been scattered to the northern tier of Afghanistan and also Kashmir, Northern India.

Well....I guess that settles it then....

Wait, wait -- no, apparently the tomb is actually found in the Herai village of Japan. Read for yourself:

According to "Thiaoouba Prophecy", Jesus (Joshua) born to virgin Mary in Bethlehem, after an "angel" from Thiaoouba (tYehova) implanted the embryo, escaped the slaughter of 2606 babies and arrived in Egypt. After surprising all scholars at the age of 12, he left his parents at 14 to travel with his 12 years old brother Ouriki to Burma, India and China. Eventually he arrived in Japan at the age of 50. He got married there, and had 3 daughters. Finally he died in Herai where he had lived for 45 years, gaining respect and love of everyone. Christ who appeared at Judea and died on the cross was another, very special man. No man born on Earth could do what he did. Christ never said that He was born on Earth... He insisted that He was a Son of Yehova (which is commonly translated as God or Father)… For full details of his story you need to read "Thiaoouba Prophecy".
OK, well at least it gives me some options to consider.... wait, you mean there's more? Jesus is actually buried in France? (Oh yes, the DaVinci Code mystery).

I'm very confused now. Can we please just go back to the debate over the garden tomb versus the Chuch of the Holy Sepulchure.
Thank You