Monday, March 05, 2007

Bits and Pieces for March 5 -- and Post number 300

According to Blogger, this will be the 300th post I've put up on the Eagle and Child. I think I might just treat myself to a Strongbow Cider this week in celebration. Thanks to all you who read, comment, and take part in this really cool conversation on the web. Here's some fodder for thought for today:

The Wall Street Journal reports on the tension that arises when the children of secularist parents become devoutly religious. This is a thoughtful and interesting read -- it covers not just Christianity but Judaism and Isalm. Hat tip to Presbyweb for putting this one on the radar.

After Newsweek's article about The Secret, I've become convinced that Steve Carr is prognosticator of the year. He predicted weeks ago that this frothy little self-help book would be the next DaVinci Code. And then he devoted a couple of posts to examining the book in detail. Check out his three posts (post one -- in which he introduces us to the basic concept of The Secret, post two - in which he examines the viral marketing methodology of The Secret, post three - in which he compares The Secret to Biblical Christianity)

Adrian Warnock has this thoughtful commentary about a New York Magazine article all about how to effectively give praise to kids. Apparently, generic affirmation ('you're so smart') destroys children's ability to tackle challenges while specific praise ('you did a great job on that paper') fosters such ability. Adrian Writes "Our very affluence and lack of adversity may be producing the depression we seem to struggle with so much more than those in developing nations. " Both his reflections and the New York Magazine article are worth a read (or at least a skim)