Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bits and Pices Feb 26, 2008

Another miscellaney of good stuff.

First out of the gate is my friend Tim Fary, finishing up his third 15 month deployment in Iraq, he reflects on how even the great joy of anticipated homecoming is still a lesser joy than knowing Christ....

I’m completely immersed in a culture that has our reunion with friends and loved ones already seated squarely on the thrones of its heart and mind. These are all great affections, but not THE AFFECTION. God’s Spirit has gently convicted me that only Jesus rules there. I’ve been reminded and encouraged to seek His face and find Joy.
Rounding the bend, John Schroeder talks about how old things and the arts deepen our capacity to grasp God's transcendence.

Ralph Wood, writing at First Things reviews a book on Chesterton and Tolkien that sounds remarkable. The central thesis of the book is that though both men appeared stuck in antiquity, both addressed modernity with great relevance and insight.That is a theme I have hammered on this blog several time. I fail to understand our culture, and especially our church culture's, demand for the "new." So many problems have been solved and yet we insist on trying to solve them again, and usually making a botch of it, since we disregard the millennia of work that has gone into the problem before us.
On the back stretch we have the Dallas morning news on working with Generation Y (the so called Milleneals, who came of age at the turn of the Millenium)....

It's not that millennials lack the creative genius or technological know-how that he's looking for. Far from it, he says. It's more that they lack the real-world grounding it takes to deal with responsibility, accountability and setbacks.

"They wipe out on life as often as they wipe out on work itself," says Mr. Hannay, who let go more than a dozen millennials from his 130-person staff over the course of 2006.

That's when he stopped hiring them. "They get an apartment and a kitty, and they can't cope. Work becomes an ancillary casualty. They're good kids with talent who want to succeed. That's what makes me nuts."

Coming around the second bend, we get this rebuttal from students at Kansas State University. an interesting video on how technology is changing university life from anything that I ever knew.

And crossing the finish line...the recently released Pew Survey on American Religious life. It's been making the papers and heating up the blogs....why don't you read it for yourself and make your own judgments.

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