Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Disney Trip -- Christian imagery embedded in EPCOT

So we just returned from our trip to the mouse...the big mouse (Disney World that is). Lots to post on (and I will endeavor to ramp up my posting volume again, faithful readers).

Today, I just wanted to share some photos. It seems that even with the secular utopian ideals presented at EPCOT, there were still glimpses of the gospel available. Take for instance this lovely painted egg that I found in the German pavillion...nestled in amongst eggs painted with various Disney characters was this one truly beautiful work. Also in the center of the german pavillion is a fountain topped with a statue of St. George slaying the dragon. Admittedly, St. George is a medeival legend, but it is a legend that greatly influenced Christendom and chivalry.

Moving on from Germany to Italy, we found all kinds of Christian imagery...from the angel statue to the statue of an archangel high upon the pillar, to the images of the winged lion (the traditional symbol of Mark the evangelist).

Finally, we came to the American pavillion, where the fife and drum corps came marched forth with a some inspiring music. At the tail end, the corps leader led all the crowd in the Pledge of Allegance, followed by inviting the crowd to join him in singing "God bless America". Admittedly, this was specifically Christian reference here. Even so, it was a very nice experience.

Finally, inside the Spaceship Earth ride, we still see Michaelangelo painting the creation scene from the Sistene Chapel ceiling.

All told, it's minor. Not much to speak of. It's simply a head nod in the direction to the spiritual heritage of these various lands. Even so, I find it pleasant and sweet to see that even at EPCOT, Christ is honored. More to come later.....

Soli Deo Gloria