Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Bits and pieces

Illness, travelling to the in-laws for Labor day, and some pressing church duties have curtailed my writing and reflecting for the early part of this week -- still working through Crunchy Cons -- will hopefully have more tomorrow.

In the meantime -- here are a few nifty bits and pieces for you:

* Dennis Hancock just recently completed a great summary/review of Francis Collins' The Language of God -- Collins has been nearly omnipresent in the media this year leading up to the release of this book -- he's the scientist who led the team to map the human genome, and he's an evangelical Christian. Dennis' review is a very handy summary of the book (part 1, part 2, part 3)

* Dyah has revamped her blog and is writing under the title My Boss is a Jewish Carpenter -- it's well worth a visit (even though she only posts once a week!)

* Ubuntu is a free downloadable version of the Linux operating system -- but this version of ubuntu is geared specifically for Christians -- including free filtering software, free wordprocessing, and lots of other freebies -- take a look at your convenience.

* On the bookshelf -- thanks to John Jensen, I'm reading Russell Kirk's historical survey of conservative thought -- One section into it and I can already say that it's the best written material I've seen this year. It's also a perfect fit for Crunchy Cons, forming some of the intellectual background. Louise Woodruff gave me works of John MacKay (pronounced MacKai) -- a former Princeton Seminary president and advocate for missions -- his stuff reads like the playbook for the Presbyterian Global Fellowship. More to come on him later.

Soli Deo Gloria