Monday, September 11, 2006

Sept 11 -- what we ought to be living for

On this anniversary of September 11, let us remember in prayer those who have lost loved ones, both on that fateful day, and in the conflicts since. Let us remember in prayer those who serve out of a sincere desire to keep their country safe and their loved ones secure. Let us remember in prayer the leaders of our nation, that they may be thoughtful and wise in their decision making. Let us pray for the peace that comes from the Prince of Peace, the Soveriegn One, The Holy One, Jesus the Messiah.

As we cry out "Abba Father", let us be transformed by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Let us be transformed into Salt and Light -- that we might be God's instrument of blessing in this nation and around the world. May the indwelling and sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit help us to demonstrate what life is for: that we might glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

This was poignantly brought home yesterday after worship. One of the children in our congregation, Regan Harper, has been battling a brain tumor for over a year now. She and her family have been heroic in the struggle -- and it has been humbling to watch our congregation as they've offered support and care as they're able. The Make a Wish Foundation teamed up with the Noelle Braun Foundation to grant Regan a wish to go to Disney World.

Our congregation held the sendoff party for Regan and her family yesterday -- there was all kinds of food, cakes, balloons, homemmade chocolates. Representitives from Make a Wish and the Noelle Braun Foundation were there along with three young ladies dressed up as Disney Princesses. Believe me, there were very few dry eyes in the room. What a day to gather for worship, then gather for fellowship. A clear reminder of the important things in these post 9/11 days -- faith, family, and friends.

Soli Deo Gloria