Sunday, May 06, 2007

Curiosity -- and invitation to comment -- and where I was this weekend

Out of curiosity -- It seems we have a number of Eagle and Child readers who are located in and around Myrtle Beach -- the Eagle and Child takes flight in that general direction later this summer. If you're a Myrtle Beach reader, post a comment identifying yourself. Perhaps we can arrange a group meetup in Murrell's Inlet for some Shrimp and theology (now there's a title for a blog post if ever I heard it)

Also an invite -- I know there are a lot of silent readers -- the invite is always open to jump in and join the conversation. Some of our readers are regulars, and some drift in and out whenever they feel so led. We'd be glad to have you in the conversation.

No posts this last weekend because Mrs. Eagle and the Eaglets and I all went to Atlanta to participate in Mrs. Eagle's Sister's wedding (all of us were in the ceremony). The wedding was at Peachtree Road United Methodist -- an impressive facility -- beautiful, majestic, lovely stained glass. Here is a photo I found on flickr to give you a taste.

Here's a link to the designer of the stained glass -- with photos of their work. High beauty truly does reflect the beauty of the Creator.

Soli Deo Gloria