Tuesday, May 15, 2007

On Blogging Silence -- and the little things

Yes, I know it's been more than a week. I had wireless troubles in Cleveland and was unable to post during the Parkside Pastors conference. Not a bad thing, after all. I came to the realization that there's a difference between "liveblogging" an event and analyzing it. The thoughts I'd initially put down to post just don't seem quite right anymore, now that I'm a few days distanced and have had time to mull over the conference. Likely, I'll come back to my notes and do some follow-up posting later.

When I got back, I found myself in a whirlwind of answering email, phone messages, preparing for Session (our church elder board meeting, for you non-presbyterians), and generally trying to tidy up the chaos that inevitably creeps into one's life when one is gone from home for a little while.

One of those things was sorting through the pile of magazines that collects in our living room. I periodically sort through what to keep, throw out, and take to the YMCA. When I exercise on the treadmill at the Y, I usually pick up one of the magazines left by other members - Time, Newsweek, Sports Illustrated, Fortune, etc. I've started to take all my old World magazines (and others) and leave them there for two reasons 1) it's better than sending them straight to the landfill 2) Someone may pick them up and be influenced by the ideas.

While I don't always agree with the editorial stances taken in World magazine, I appreciate that they try to present world events from a self-consciously Christian perspective while at the same time being sharp, witty, and curious about many things. People actually read this stuff and take the magazines home. It's a little thing, it takes almost no thought at all, but who knows what the results may be.....

Soli Deo Gloria