Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I'm published -- in a real book! Really I am!

This is so very cool for me.

Long term readers of the Eagle and Child (and members of Covenant-First Pres) have heard me talk about Salkehatchie Summer Service, the summer mission project that greatly influenced my faith and my call to ministry.

Several years ago, I preached a sermon that used my Salkehatchie experiences as an illustration of God's extraordinary Providence expressed through ordinary people. Mom copied the sermon for John Culp, the founder of the Salkehatchie project. John passed the sermon along to Arlene Bowers Andrews, who was working on a book about Salkehatchie. Arlene called me to ask for permission to quote the sermon. Of course I gave her permission.

She printed the whole blooming thing in her book. (you can read the sermon here at the Third Millenium Ministries Archive) Mom sent me a copy a few months ago, and I've just been holding off on telling you all. Buy the book, read about a really great and powerful mission experience. And ask your libraries to stock it.

Meanwhile, I'll be signing autographs in the lounge....