Monday, October 01, 2007

Bits and Pieces Oct 1 2007

First up - a great post from Forbes about how High School Musical's success is due to its complete lack of irony. A couple of teasers from the article:

"It's something a lot of producers have missed," says television historian Tim Brooks. Many of them "think it's still the '60s. They think that because adults want to see sex, kids do, too. But a lot of kids don't, especially girls. Most sitcoms on TV are really meant for adults."

"This is a reminder that as American TV hurtles toward ever more explicitness, there is a market of people who don't want any of that," says Brooks, also an executive at Lifetime.........

Sure, HSM is fairly well made and expertly marketed. But what really interests Thompson is its total lack of irony, of hipness, of the "wiseguy" humor so prevalent today. "We are so deep into the age of irony," Thompson says, "that when you encounter something as naive as 'High School Musical,' it's almost avant-garde. It's cutting edge!

"I would even go so far," says Thompson, "as to call HSM subversive. "The fact that they pulled this off in 2007 is amazing."

You heard it here first....earnest sweetness in this era is "subversive". I guess since I'm one of the 10 Gen X'ers who didn't get a tattoo, that I'm "subversive" as well. Who'da thunk?

Also, in case you missed it, we just relaunched our website at Covenant-First. Check it out, and give kudos to our webmaster Andy Adams for all his great work!

Tomorrow I'm in Kettering for an all day seminar on Family Systems theory as applied to church congregations. Should be interesting!

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