Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Recycling, Hazardous waste, and the environment

Responsible stewardship of personal resources, to my mind, includes simplicity, frugality, and creativity. Of course it is easier for me to pontificate (the post referenced in this link has links to lots of previous posts and other articles -- all about environmental issues) about such values than it is to live them. I purchase just as many books as I check out from the library.

However, I must commend our Hamilton County Environmental Services department for making responsible stewardship of waste so easy. I've taken advantage of their hazardous waste disposal program for the past couple of years (much better to take old paint, oil cans, etc to be properly disposed of than to have the chemicals leak into our ground water). However, somewhere I found a flyer that they also are running a technology recycling program. I have an old computer, printer, cords, monitor. All these things contain trace metals that can be harmful to the environment if they leach into the groundwater. They are also pieces of equipment that can be refurbished and re-used by nonprofits. I'll be dropping off a load this week.

Then I paid a visit to the website and found out that this Saturday the department is offering deeply discounted yard composters for sale. I've been composting for a while......strike that....... I've been collecting my yard waste and kitchen scraps for composting for a while, but I've been using a big trash can with holes punched in the bottom. Quite honestly, it doesn't do a great job of it. I've been looking at yard comosters online, but they're not cheap. But Hamilton County will be selling them to residents for $30....that's only thirty smackers.... a bargain indeed. So, guess what I'm doing this Saturday.

So, I know that government doesn't often get positive feedback, but in this instance, I offer kudos to Hamilton County and to the Department of Environmental Services. You're doing great work.