Saturday, October 06, 2007

Paul Johnson on militant atheism

Forbes Magazine has a teriffic commentary (registration required for access) by historian Paul Johnson in which he defends religious faith against the current crop of militant atheists. Here's a fine quote for us:
As for doing something about the militant atheism that threatens our happiness and well-being, it is in the interests of all people that those of us who enjoy religious faith should examine carefully what it has done, is doing and will do to sustain and comfort us in this harsh and difficult world. We should add up all its benefits--and then proclaim the results to the world. There will be plenty who will listen.

Johnson is well known for his earlier work Intellectuals, in which he gives brief biographies of various atheistic, freethinking intellectuals (Heinrik Ibsen, Rousseau, Karl Marx, etc) that demonstrate how these figures used their ideology for self-fulfillment at the expense of those closest to them.

Compare also to A Canticle for Liebowitz, the great dystopian classic that shows the church as the cradle of civilization, while secularists sweep in and live off the insights of what has been preserved.

Soli Deo Gloria