Thursday, June 15, 2006

150 Million Dollars

150 Million Dollars!

No, that's not what Dr. Evil is asking from the Presbyterian Church -- that's the gift that Santa Claus just gave.

Santa Claus, in this case, is Businessman Stan Anderson. He's a member of Central Presbyterian Church in Denver. He and his business partner just announced that they are giving 150 million dollars to the Presbyterian Foundation to be distributed as grants to presbyteries for the purpose of church growth, new church development (particularly racial-ethnic churches) and congregational renewal.

He told the story of how his grandfather was a member of Central Pres -- the church nurtured the family through the depression. The church nurtured his family when his father became ill and had to stop working. Now it is time to give back. “We were poor but we were loved.” Anderson said, meaning first off God's love, but secondly His love through his people.

“I am his servant. And I will follow.” He said as he announced the gift -- using the image of loaves and fishes -- that from this gift, Anderson has faith that God will multiply the offering to transform the denomination.

Let us pray that our church can be faithful stewards of such a gracious gift!

Reporting from Presbypalooza