Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Reading the Puritans isn't always fun

This post's title may ellicit a sarcastic "You don't say" from many -- after all the Puritans are difficult to read, and the prose of some can be as dry as a diet rice cake. Others wear you down with their relentless logic-ing and illustrations. But I love the puritans for their passion, their heart, and their desire to take every thought captive. I've talked earlier about Thomas Watson as one of my favorites, and I'm working through his wonderful volume on the Lord's Prayer.

But this quote is just a gut punch, isn't it: “A holy life speaks louder than all the anthems and praises in the world. Though the main work of religion lies in the hearts, yet when our light so shines, that others behold it, we glorify God. When our lives shine, his name shines in us. The Macedonians used one day in the hear to wear the picture of Alexander set with pearl and costly jewels; so when we carry the picture of Christ about us in our holy example, we bring honor to God’s name”

That from a section talking about the Petition "Hallowed be thy name" -- when we ask God to make His name holy, it is incumbent upon us who claim His name that we strive for holiness. How very humbling; how very short I fall. No the Puritans aren't always fun to read -- but they're good to read.

Soli Deo Gloria