Friday, June 16, 2006

The Moderator Election

So I was there -- other bloggers have beat me to the story. Check out the posts about our new moderator at The Church for Starving Artists and Quotidian Grace and the Presbyterian bloggers website.

Now here's my take -- we have a good moderator who is friendly to the evangelical wing of the church. This is the first time since Fahed Abu Akel's election that I've seen evangelicals breathe easy after an election.

The questions from the floor were polite and subdued -- there was one direct question about the ordination of self-affirming gays and lesbians.

But the most important question, to my mind, was from my friend Michael Carey of Central Florida Presbytery -- asked about their understanding of whether Jesus Christ is the only Savior, or but one way. Kerry Carson gave a direct and affirming Yes, as did Tim Halverson. Joan made it clear that Jesus was the only way, but that she was willing to grant God a wide degree of lattitude in how He applied the work of Jesus. Then Deborah Block came out with the statement that "the lamps are many, the light is one"

Other telling moments -- Halverson's seizing on the fact that our denomination bemoans membership loss, but before this august assembly, there are only 2 overtures dealing with evangelism!

And Props to Lydia Efimba, the Ecumenical Advisory Delegate from the Presbyterian Chruch of Cameroon -- she brought out the truth that now evangelism moves from the churches of Africa to America! (Check out this post and this post that run along the same theme of the ascendancy of Christianity in Africa)

Tomorrow -- committee work begins!

Soli Deo Gloria

PS -- perhaps we need to get the presbybloggers on the ground to meet up? When's a good time?